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Jenny, Bernhard

Assistant Professor

Office:  260 Wilkinson Hall
Phone:  541.737.1204
Fax:      541.737.1200
Email:   jennyb@geo.oregonstate.edu

Cartography, geovisualization, GIS

Research Interests:

2D and 3D terrain representation, terrain generalization, geovisualization, the design of small-scale map projections, distortion analysis of diagrams and maps, thematic mapping, web mapping, and map design for the color-vision impaired.

List of research projects of the Cartography and Geovisualization Group.

Open Positions
There are currently open positions available for one postdoctoral researcher and doctoral students.


PhD Doctor of Sciences, specialization in cartography, 2009/10
ETH Zurich, Switzerland 

Computer Science Certificate, specialization in computer graphics, 2005
ETH Zurich, Switzerland 

M.S. Rural Engineering, Environmental Technologies and Surveying, 2000
EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Short CV


Post-doc, Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich, 2009–2011

Research assistant and programmer, Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich, 2000–2009


Geo 360 - Cartography
Geo 445/545 - Computer-Assisted Cartography
Information about these and other cartography and geovisualization courses

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